Fight Like a Girl – Denver Portrait Photography

This was hands down one of my favorite shoots I have ever done, and really felt I needed to reblog this one since I lost it in moving to my new site.

Meet Taylor.  Taylor is an amazingly beautiful and yet tough girl, with a unique and wonderful spirit.  I’ve done two shoots with her so far, and looking forward to many more.  Taylor has fought and won a battle with cancer that started when she was just a little girl.  Blessed with a family who loves her, and inner strength to bring them all through, they came out victorious.  When Taylor was 7 years cancer free we did a shoot featuring her scars from her surgery where they removed her tumor, but when she was 10 years cancer free she did something different, yet again.  Taylor grew her hair, and on her 10 year anniversary of being cancer free, she had a head shaving party and donated her hair so that another girl like herself who had lost her hair could have a wig.

I feel sometimes we lose sight of true beauty, and get caught up in society’s standards, but when someone dares to be different we can see just how beautiful being unique can be.  I have never seen Taylor more beautiful than when she shaved her head.  Her beautiful blue eyes take center stage, and nothing distracts from her lovely features.  You define beauty, not the world.

I really love that I get to be a part of your journey Taylor and I’m looking forward to many more celebrations of your victory. #fightlikeagirl #beunique


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