Bella and Gavin

This shoot was so much fun.  Not only is this family super fun and sweet but adventurous and they love to explore.  You just don’t find that all that often these days.   Lets face it.. in this day and age a lot of kids are playing on electronics, watching TV, and doing anything but spending time out enjoying nature.  I however got to see first hand that where they live is full of new places for adventure.  They must have planned very well or lucked out because in their own back yard they have access to ponds, and streams, and canyons, sounds a little bit like a photographers dream!  I may need to rethink where I live!

On our little photo adventure we got to capture more than just great photos, we even caught a frog and a caterpillar, or a worm, still not quite sure on that one!  (Ok and by me I mean them, I’m not necessarily what you would call outdoorsy, but I can enjoy it from the sidelines)  🙂  At any rate we had a blast and I think I may need to take my own girls back there exploring soon.


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